Biohall sets the benchmarks of the global premium glassware with a system that matches the best of practices, and standards all over the world for premium Boro 3.3 Glassware

Belonging from an infrastructure group 40 years old ,Boro 3.3 Glass labware manufacturing division of BIOHALL began its operations in 2014 with a vision to become a global leader . The co-founders being young and dynamic with their rich experience in Biotechnology and background from worlds prominent B-Schools bring innovation and new management concepts in glassware.Right from the inception of BIOHALL LABWARE, Quality Assurance & Enhancement has been a thrust area. A team of experienced professionals ensures that the best systems are implemented in all our departments. Quality is the common denominator in everything we aspire to do, we are among the few manufacturers with establishment of strong quality support network in the form of internal Quality Assurance Cell (TQM).Acknowledged with internal strong  intranet infrastructure we have high-end storage devices which  offers a single-point access to information, services and resources for technical data requirements and management information systems to empower our stakeholders for updated technology access in field of Lifesciences .We have tie-ups with Universities, Laboratories, and Clinical Research Organizations  in areas of joint research for New Product Development and Continuous innovation. As always we are constantly evaluating new products keeping in mind new areas of growth and research in the field of life science.

Well equipped with all testing and development infrastructure to develop glassware that perform consistently worldwide ,we strictly follow guidelines as per German weights and Regulation standards. Aesthetics, Accuracy and top Quality Glass with carefully chosen and tested Raw Material being the main focus.

Your orders will be processed  only with   our network of authorized BIOHALL dealers in Germany ,India and Distributors worldwide nearest to you.Please note that we sell our products only through our network of authorized distributors.Currently we have authorized 46 dealers worldwide ( South America,Europe, South East Asia and Africa) .