BIOHALL Laboratory glassware is manufactured in accordance with the highest possible international quality standards which is the main centre of our quality policy. We have an impeccable reputation for quality assurance (QA) because we put the strictest standard of quality control at every stage of our manufacturing  process. BIOHALL has made significant investments in technology, factory management systems, production process management and work safety .

5 levels Quality Assurance & Enhancement
STEP 1: Sourcing Raw Material ( with partners who meet our standards).
STEP 2: Access the ingredients of our products ( in- house Laboratory) to meet global regulatory standards.
STEP 3: Quality Evaluation ( though our team of experts ) we evaluate and test each product must meet requisite accuracy standards ( USP/DIN) .Before product is put on shelves we seek to understand, each product is carefully evaluated.We never compromise on Quality hence zero defect transfer to customers.
STEP 4:Quality requires Vigilance ( via our Internal Quality Assurance Cell ) and constant feedback from our Distributors/End Users.
STEP 5:Continuous Evaluation of new scientific studies and reports through our partner consultant.

This quality management system is the foundation of BIOHALL hence all our  systems and processes are audited through a three stage audit system involving internal and external audit agencies.

Our business philosophy for Total Quality Management is KAIZEN.

We emphasize  on Critical to Quality policy and implement six sigma through DMAIC Approach .