Assured Quality

We at Biohall, promise to provide complete consumer satisfaction by emphasizing strongly on continual improvement through lean business processes.Biohall laboratory glassware  are manufactured from the best quality of borosilicate glass tubings imported from Europe. Moreover, volumetric accuracy and physical controls are done during each step of blanks.

The quality control and rigorous examination of the blanks, they are sent to a tunnel furnace where the stress in the bodies is eliminated under controlled heating and cooling process.This process gives the optimum mechanical stability which is a must for keeping the constant volume stability in case of temperature fluctuations.

Following the next step of the glassware production is silk screening on the bodies of the calibrated products. 
As a standard BIOHALL glassware  line is printed with AMBER ink whereas blue and white prints are also available upon request.The final step is to obtain complete products is the furnacing process all the products coming out of the printing room are put into specially designed and temperature controlled tunnel furnaces so that heating and annealing processes can be accomplished successfully.

-Better absorption

-Resistant to any acid known to human kind

-The amber stain graduation penetrates into the glass surface and is, therefore, more resistant than the blue/white

- Amber ink is absorbed and furnaced twice at a temperature range of 580 degree C which makes the stain penetrate and absorb the glass surface better hence highly resistant to acid /alkaline attack.

This long-lasting burnt-in color has sufficient resistance for the daily use and has due to the rich contrasts an excellent readability. For extreme applications we are using brown diffusion colour. This color diffuses through ion exchange into the glass surface and is practically indestructible. The intense brown coloring also assures an excellent readability. The graduation of the glass  is done by screen printing. For volumetric range stretch-stencils are used, which ensure an especially precise compliance with the calibration points.

Our comprehensive range of quality laboratory glassware like Filteration assembly,interchangeble glassware, volumetric glassware ,General Glasslabware has made our name and our brand renowned internationally. 

We follow  ASTM guidelines drafts  to achieve maximum possible chemical resistance, minimal thermal expansion, and, thus resulting, high resistance to thermal shock. 

  • High raw material purity guarantees uniform glass properties
  • Our laboratory glassware guarantees constant quality
  • Uniform wall thickness distribution for improved mechanical stability and improved resistance to temperature change, Prevents stresses forming in the glass and possible bursting during heating and cooling
  • Product traceability via embedded code