WITH DIGITAL TEMP. CONTROLLER Most suitable for conducting various experiments on a variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature turret and humidity. Atmospheric conditions are created within the chamber to perform different experiments without going onto the field. The double walled unit has inner chamber made up of anodized Aluminium or S.S. and outer chamber of M.S. Sheet duly painted. Temperature from 5°C to 50°C± 1°C is controlled by DIGITAL TIMER INDICATOR-cum-CONTROLLER. Humidity (NOT ADJUSTABLE) is created in a S.S. Water reservoir fitted at the bottom to provide 90% to 95% ±3% RH Humidity. Supplied complete with 14 adjustable perforated trays. Complete with cord and plug to work on 220/230V A.C. Supply. INSIDE CHAMBER SIZE 555mm (W) x 910 mm (H) x 605mm